The King of Grabs is Two Years Old

Today, the 21st December 2019, is our birthday. 21st December 2017 was the launch date of this blog, so we are two years old.

Happy birthday to us!

In two years we have added more than 1,200 games with custom reviews and searchable tags. So far, we’ve managed to post an update every day. At least once a day – sometimes more – but not yet missing an update.

Of course there will be more grabs to come. So stay tuned.

I’m also going to be experimenting with new themes for the blog, so expect a few changes over the coming days. Any feedback is appreciated.

Thank you kindly,
The King of Grabs

Mallo Just Gained A Ninja Level

7 thoughts on “The King of Grabs is Two Years Old”

      1. I am not sure that the new look is better. I got used to see the game pictures in the promotion mail. I still didn’t found how to navigate in the next\ prev posts on the site. The new look is less retro but more organize to read each post.
        It is sure have more new-Hi-tech look. For new users it will be much better, as it easier to get the whole info in one look.

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      2. Thank you for the feedback – I appreciate it. I may try a different look for the site soon. I’m experimenting, trying to get a better design for the site, but I don’t think I’m quite finished yet. 🙂


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